11 Literary Luminaries’ Ultimate Summertime Reads

bowles-the-delicate-prey D. Foy: The Delicate Prey, Paul Bowles

Lydia Davis won the Man Booker last year, Alice Munro the Nobel this year, and George Saunders the Folio, which is to say the short story, obviously, is once again as hot as they say this summer’s going to be. Paul Bowles is in my pantheon of all-time greats, and The Delicate Prey is no small reason why. Most of his stuff is set in north Africa, where he lived his last fifty years, but his voice is so icy as to be atonal, perfect for tales, to name just one, of professors sold into slavery and made to dance beaten and tongueless for the pleasure of their Reguibat masters.

D. Foy is the author of Made to Break