Your ‘Orange Is The New Black’ Season 1 Refresher Course

maxresdefaultEpisode 108 — “Moscow Mule”
Featured Inmate: Red

Larry’s article in the New York Times comes out and angers Healy when he learns that Piper has a history with women. Piper isn’t happy with the article, either, but the news is dulled by Polly having her baby. There are a lot of big plot developments in “Moscow Mule,” such as the news that Taystee was granted release and the reveal that Daya is pregnant with Bennett’s child.

Alex and Piper work together to fix a dryer, only to have Pennsatucky lock Alex inside of it, causing both Piper and Alex to get in trouble with an increasingly wary Healy.

Mendez goes around to different inmates to try and figure out how contraband is smuggled into the prison. Most are tight-lipped — including Morello, who is the victim of a pretty scary drive alone with him — but Nicky spills the beans to retaliate against Red.