20 of the Weirdest ‘Fault In Our Stars’-Inspired Merch Items

Not since Harry Potter has a Young Adult novel attracted such a devoted fanbase as John Green’s The Fault In Our Stars. As an inevitable result of that, the book — and film adaptation, which opens in theaters today — has inspired countless homemade items that you can buy on Etsy. Here’s a roundup of the most creative (and strangest) The Fault In Our Stars-inspired merchandise, from wedding bouquets to customized tissues.

il_570xN.611075814_1uv9Tons and tons of iPhone cases

il_570xN.609726257_18coHershey Bar Wrapper (Chocolate not included)

il_570xN.522908703_n4vpTypewriter Quote (typed on an authentic “vintage typewriter”)

il_570xN.610127624_er1ePillow Case

il_570xN.534385436_sftkMason Jar (“can be used as a decorative vase” or “a jar”)


il_570xN.604059884_l6uiHandmade Metaphor Print

il_570xN.596485714_r99lTravel Tissues

il_570xN.610636933_7xztKitchen Apron

il_570xN.606992643_f2e1Literary Bouquet (for your TFIOS-inspired wedding)

il_570xN.596292594_pa5tCustom Painted Heels (to wear with your wedding dress)

il_570xN.610507775_qg9bCustom Painted Toms (for your bridesmaids)

il_570xN.591157416_stcrHand-painted False Nails (for the big day)

il_570xN.609616092_ows4Water Bottle Label (water bottle not included)

il_570xN.555640397_qt4yParty Kit (for the saddest party ever)

il_570xN.604225961_hzd3Don’t forget the party invitations!

il_570xN.540267746_rs1iCustom Painted Vans

il_570xN.609209805_a376Mug Rug

il_570xN.570189349_68iw5 Yards of Elastic

il_570xN.592234986_b6shStud Earrings

il_570xN.411429385_kmk6Wine Glasses (because adults read YA too!)