20 Underrated Pop Albums From the Last 20 Years


Britney Spears — Blackout (2007)

Britney’s public breakdown is what most people remember about her 2007, despite the fact that she released her most consistent album to date just months after performing the world’s most notorious act involving an umbrella. A formidable collection of producers — Bloodshy & Avant, Danja, The Neptunes — helped Britney create a dance-pop masterpiece that’s still influencing Top 40 and EDM. Not only was Blackout the best use of Auto-Tune since Cher’s “Believe,” but tracks like “Freakshow” predicted the dubstep trend that would creep into mainstream pop years later. “Piece of Me” is one of the all-time greatest odes to a PR problem, “Gimme More” remains as classic in Spears’ discography as “Toxic,” and album cut “Heaven on Earth” is disco revivalism in its most nimble form.