25 Must-Read Books For the Fall


In Real Life: Love, Lies, and Identity in the Digital Age, Nev Schulman (September 2)

So the fascinating thing about the documentary and TV show Catfish, whatever your opinion of the slick New York City art-kid host Nev Schulman (do you trust him? You may not), is that it’s tapped into a real, legitimate phenomenon throughout America and the world — our desire for the world to see us and to approve of us, even if we can’t show people our “real” selves. It’s a fascinating paradox. Schulman’s book goes over familiar ground to people familiar with the documentary, his catfishing story, and the series, but it’s compelling stuff, basically because of the big, pulsing, ever human heart behind every case of a “catfish.” The fact that a guy who could credibly and easily be parodied on SNL by Maroon 5’s Adam Levine is the face of it is just the weirdness on top of the mystery.