25 Must-See Movies For the Fall

A Walk Among the Tombstones (September 19)

I am well aware that there are a good many moviegoers who have tired of Liam Neeson’s unexpected second act as a gun-toting, low-growling action hero. I’m not among them, but that’s not why this one’s on this list — it’s because of the jaw-dropping pedigree. The source material is a novel by Lawrence Block, whose “Burglar” novels are much better than that Whoopi Goldberg movie might lead you to believe; the screenwriter and director is the great Scott Frank, whose screenplay credits include Dead Again, Malice, Get Shorty, Out of Sight, and Minority Report, and whose directorial debut, 2007’s The Lookout, is one of the most undeservedly overlooked movies of the 2000s. So it might not look it, but based on Frank’s track record, there’s a good chance this one’s going to be amazing.