“Why Are They Sabotaging Us?” Famous Authors Speak Out on Amazon vs. Hachette


Authors United

This group of more than 1,000, mostly non-Hachette writers  — including Stephen King, Elizabeth Gilbert, and Jennifer Egan — signed a letter addressed to Jeff Bezos and the other members of Amazon’s Board of Directors. In the letter the writers outline how Amazon’s actions have reduced sales of Hachette authors’ books, sometimes by as much as 90 percent, asking Bezos, “Do you as an Amazon director approve of this policy of sanctioning books?” They raise the further point that Amazon and publishers have depended on one another for a long time, saying, ultimately, that this is not a way to treat a “business partner.”

That pretty much sums up the problem with the way Amazon has handled this whole ordeal: They have stopped seeing publishers as partners and started seeing them as companies whose survival is entirely dependent on the retailer. Unfortunately, Amazon is mostly right, and they’re taking advantage of it.