7 Totally Lame Movie Sequel Plot Twists

Jamie Lee Curtis and Donald Pleasance in "Halloween II"

Laurie is Michael’s sister (Halloween II)

It wasn’t enough that the 1981 sequel to John Carpenter’s influential slasher smash upped the body count and gore significantly; co-writers Carpenter and Debra Hill also threw in a big plot twist for good measure. Come to find out, unstoppable killer Michael Myers wasn’t just killing babysitters (in the first film) and nurses (in the second) at random — he was purposefully targeting Jamie Lee Curtis’ Final Girl Laurie because she was actually his sister, adopted at a young age by the Strodes after little Michael brutally murdered his other sister Judith (in the opening scene of the first film). It was clearly an out-of-nowhere twist grafted onto the sequel and never even remotely hinted in the first film — though Carpenter would attempt to ret-con it into the original by shooting additional scenes for the TV version of Halloween (shot during production of Halloween II) foreshadowing the turn, and director Rob Zombie would subsequently work it into his 2007 reboot/remake as part of Michael’s origin story.