10 Female Dadaists You Should Know


Sophie Taeuber

Collaborator and wife of Dadaist Jean Arp, Sophie Taeuber’s work demonstrated an affinity for color and geometric forms. “Her austerely geometric art arose from her belief in the innate expressive power of colour, line and form, and was informed by unusual wit and freedom. She rejected her contemporaries’ progressive schematization of objective form,” writes Oxford University Press. “During the years of Dada in Zurich (1916–20), Taeuber-Arp not only painted but also made a series of polychrome wood heads, including the portrait of Jean Arp (1918–19; Paris, Pompidou), and designed the sets and marionettes (Zurich, Mus. Bellerive) for a performance of Carlo Gozzi’s König Hirsch in 1918 in conjunction with the exhibition of the Swiss workshop in Zurich. She was an accomplished dancer and performed at Cabaret Voltaire evenings.” Taeuber performed at the opening of exhibition space Galerie Dada, wearing an elaborate mask fashioned by one of Dada’s founders, Marcel Janco.