Beatles Tributes, Ranked

1. The Rutles

Leave it to Monty Python’s Eric Idle to create the only Beatles spoof whose humor really holds up. That’s because The Rutles’ backstory was so comically elaborate and referential to The Beatles’ history, you couldn’t help but be impressed at the meticulousness of something so goofy. Like many other Monty Python creations, The Rutles are based on pure nonsense — songs about lunch and rumors about why there pants were so tight— but the production value of their skits was on point for the era. Though The Rutles were a creation of Idle’s Rutland Weekend Television, the act would go on to appear several times on Saturday Night Live in its early years. All You Need Is Cash, the Rutles’ 1978 NBC and BBC mockumentary co-produced by Lorne Michaels, referenced specific shots and scenes from The Beatles’ filmography and photo archive. Based on the American ratings for All You Need Is Cash, Americans didn’t totally grasp Idle’s characteristically British satirical humor, but it doesn’t diminish the clever frivolity of the whole thing.