9 Great Movies to Stream This Holiday Weekend

Los Angeles Plays Itself

Netflix has gone heavy on cinephile-friendly documentaries this month, and Thom Anderson’s “City of Angels” meta-text stands at the front of the pack, a lengthy, pre-supercut consideration of how the movie industry portrays the city it calls home. For over a decade, it was legendarily difficult to see (aside from chopped-up YouTube versions); now, with clearances (hopefully) in the clear, it’s available in crisp Blu-ray, DVD, and streaming versions. The kick of its location-based juxtaposition is considerable, but it’s no fluke-y gimmick doc — writer/director Anderson’s sometimes cranky, sometimes funny, endlessly insightful script becomes a definitive commentary on not just how the city is seen in the movies, but on the movies (and the city) itself. (via Netflix)