9 Great Movies to Stream This Holiday Weekend

Mel Brooks: Make a Noise

And to conclude our Thanksgiving movies-about-movies trilogy, we offer the story of a far less serious filmmaker. Scratch that; Mel Brooks is a serious filmmaker who made deeply, wonderfully unserious films. Though getting up there in years, Brooks is a thrilling, energetic storyteller, and his interviews provide not only the expected biography and jokes, but a remarkable candor about his sadness and occasional darkness. This is the story of a true comic genius, a man who helped change both television and film comedy, but it’s also a love story; his late wife Anne Bancroft’s recollection of their meeting is winningly warm and funny, and when he recalls her death, you’re sad for him — that’s how thoroughly viewers are made to feel that we know this brilliant man, and how well we’ve grasped what makes him tick. (via Netflix)