White Savior Movies, Ranked

ronclark_pg0015-12. The Educators: Freedom Writers (2007), The Ron Clark Story (2006), Conrack (1974), The Principal (1987)

The two most common white savior tropes-within-a-trope are white coaches and white educators. All of these movies are basically carbon copies of one another: A white person ends up teaching in an inner-city school, for whatever reason (in The Principal, for example, James Belushi’s character is sent to a school full of minority students as a punishment), and changes the lives of kids. From Freedom Writers‘ Hilary Swank buying minority students composition books to The Ron Clark Story‘s Matthew Perry bravely powering through pneumonia to teach poor kids in NYC to Conrack‘s Jon Voight teaching black kids in South Carolina, each of these movies are universally horrible. Really, you’re better off watching the parody High School High instead.