Your Favorite Indie Record Stores Explain Why a Global Album Release Day Is a Bad Idea

amoeba-hollywoodMarc Weinstein, founder/co-owner of Amoeba Music // L.A., San Francisco, Berkeley 

“[This is] another example of us indie/’brick and mortar’ [stores] having to adapt to the increasingly dominant rules created by Wall Street giants who’d just as soon see us all go away. They write the new rules regardless of the history.

We will have big challenges properly restocking hot items when we discover we need more on release day. We’ll basically have to wait until Monday or Tuesday to get many of those items back in. Our entire machine is geared towards Tuesday new release day. Those mid-week sales have historically been very important to us, and we had time to restock for the weekend. Oh, well, no more of that.

The fantastic array of in-store performances associated with new releases are fairly easy to accommodate on a Tuesday, but not so on a Friday, obviously. We may well be passing on some great opportunities for new release celebrations and live in-stores because Friday is a very challenging day to pack the store with fans, as it is such a busy day.

Basically this is a huge inconvenience for all indie stores, and represents another ‘hit’ by the new powers-that-be in this business. We absolutely hate it, frankly. [There’s] nothing good about it in our world or our customers’ worlds. [It’s] just a way for the big boys to make more money.”