Your Favorite Indie Record Stores Explain Why a Global Album Release Day Is a Bad Idea


Nigel House, cofounder/co-owner of Rough Trade // London, NYC

“We are fine with a global release day, but Friday is definitely the wrong day for indies — both retail and labels. Monday is a much better day; Friday, Saturday, and Sunday are busy days already, and so Monday is a great day to start the week with new products and promotions in the shops. A Monday/Tuesday release date gives the industry two bites at the apple — one that drives consumers to stores and digital storefronts at an otherwise quiet time of the week — and then again at the high-traffic weekend period. It’s easier and cheaper to get restocks in — and manage digital customer support for glitches —during the working week than it would be over the weekend.

I can only see that Friday will benefit supermarkets. Their customers can pick up a new CD with their weekly shop. They haven’t exactly supported music in the past. And a global chart is inevitable now, which is surely for the benefit of the aptly named Universal.

It is easier to get part time staff in for weekends than it is for midweek, which is now where we would need those extra people. For Rough Trade, we have regular release day in-stores — Mondays/Tuesdays are perfect for this, since a lot of artists are booked for weekends.”