15 Eastern European Cult Classic Films You Should Know About


Hello, I’m Your Aunt! (Russian: Zdravstvuyte, ya vasha tyotya!), dir. Viktor Titov (1975)

An immense hit as soon as it was released, Hello, I’m Your Aunt starts with unemployed and homeless Babbs (played by Alexander Kalyagin) being chased by the police. Through a series of plot twists, Babbs ends up cross-dressing as a wealthy woman from Brazil — Donna Rossa — in order to help a rich couple with their scheme to seduce a judge. In the end (spoiler alert), the real Donna Rossa shows up and runs into Babbs, but decides to let him keep running his ruse for a while so she can learn about her extended family. Meanwhile, Babbs falls in love… The film’s title eventually became a Russian figure of speech, akin to the English phrase, “Well, I’ll be a monkey’s uncle!”