15 Eastern European Cult Classic Films You Should Know About

Dyplom.inddKingsize (Polish: Kingsajz), dir. Juliusz Machulski (1987)

Released towards the end of the Soviet era, Kingsajz was enthusiastically received by the anti-communist Polish society at the time and quickly became a classic. The film is set in a world of two kingdoms: the first, Szuflandia (“Drawerland”), is hidden deep underground and is home only to tiny people; the second, Kingsajz (“Kingsize”), is above ground, and — you guessed it — built for big people. The plot follows two friends from Szuflandia, Olo and Adaś, as they discover secrets about both worlds, and go on a journey to save themselves that counter-intuitively involves torture, kidnappings, potions, and telepathy. The movie was an allegory about the ruling communist regime.