15 Eastern European Cult Classic Films You Should Know About


The Cruise (Polish: Rejs), dir.  Marek Piwowski (1970)

One of the earliest films to be considered a cult classic of Polish cinema, the seminal Rejs was shot as a quasi-documentary and parodies life in the communist People’s Republic of Poland. It starts when a nameless Stowaway (played by Stanisław Tym) sneaks onto a cruise ship that is heading down the Vistula River. The captain mistakes him for a Communist Party “cultural coordinator,” and the weekend trip becomes a parody of the absurdity of life under the communist system, as the Stowaway is able to manipulate the passengers and crew into participating in senseless games, whereby he then establishes his own comedic dictatorship. Memorable quotes include, “Great, but what voting system can be used to select the method of voting?” and many others.