An IRL Tour Through PC Music With GFOTY, Danny L Harle and Spinee


GFOTY on the red carpet of PC Music’s Pop Cube, presented as part of the 2015 Red Bull Music Academy Festival this past May. (Maria Jose Govea / Red Bull Content Pool)

I heard you guys stayed ‘til closing at Dave & Buster’s the other night.

Yeah. It’s not like we’re doing it ‘cause it’s novelty, we’re doing it ‘cause it’s genuinely a really fun thing to do. Why would you want to go to a really posh bar and feel like you need to look really fit? I lost my voice more so after Dave & Buster’s than the PC Music night.

Did you win any stuffed animals?

I got this amazing pink fluffy bird which says BFF and these weird slingshot animals. Then I felt a bit bad because obviously I was having the best time of my life but no one else was. Everyone just started giving their tickets to me, so I was wearing them as a scarf. I was loving it.

Your live show stands apart from the rest of the PC Music crew; you tap into elements of very commercial pop shows — like back-up dancers and big inflatable props — but in a more DIY way. What inspires you in that area?

I never watch music videos, I never watch tours, I never do anything as such to get influence. But, I know what I like. I love Kay Perry, for example. I like how tacky all of her shit is. So, although I don’t watch all that she does, apart from the left sharks, I just like things to be extreme and ridiculous because that’s what’s going on inside my head. That way I can live it out, because you can’t just walk around the street doing that or you’ll get arrested.

How does one achieve “girlfriend of the year status”?

You have to find a guy with loads of money. You have to go to Barbados or Miami. You’ve got to be able to afford five-star hotels. You’ve got to able to afford Starbucks seven times a day, and to go to giant shopping malls, but the nice ones not the gross ones. You just got to have that vibe in your head – like no one can just like become it. You’ve got to have that all together at the same time.

That’s pretty similar to mainstream pop and hip-hop’s aspirational way of thinking. It’s certainly one way to resonate with listeners, even when you push it to the extreme on purpose.  

Yeah. When I get messages from people being like, “I used to be a really anxious person, but now when I listen to your music, I feel really confident,” that’s just a really nice thing to hear. I literally never had that in my head, to get people to feel a certain way. I just wanted to do whatever the hell I wanted to do. But it’s nice to be confident and aspirational. But then, someone will hate it and think I’m a dick – like if you watch a video of me and look at the comments. Comments are my favorite thing, better than anything. I read everything bad about myself. It’s better than repeating good stuff about yourself because you just get so full of yourself! But then again, GOFTY is full of herself.

Let’s talk about the debut GFOTY album coming out later this year. What’s the vibe?

I go through phases. Right now I want to be a Kardashian. I like them in a semi-novelty factor, but I’m obsessed. Scott Disick is my favorite, though everyone hates him in America. Two months ago, I wanted to be like Avril Lavigne. Every time I put out a song, it’s very much inspired by what I’m listening to at the moment. Basically, the album is going to be a thousand different genres. It’s like all my mixes with a few extra songs. That’s what is so nice about it, I can really do whatever the hell I want.

Also, I’m really into Gossip Girl as well. I channeling Blair [Waldorf] at the moment. I love her so much, I don’t know what to do.

Do you have a Blair song?

No, but I should definitely do a Blair song. Fuck. Maybe that’ll be my next song. I’ll credit you, I’ll give you 2 percent.

Does Alex [A.G. Cook] or anyone else in PC Music have any say in the direction you go? I’m trying to get a sense of how unified everyone is.

Everyone has their own vision, but it works specific to each person on the roster. I can sit down with Alex and possibly make an album in three hours. It just comes very easily for me. I feel like his stuff is much more constructed — I’m messier. I can’t speak for anyone else, but for me, it’s easy and really enjoyable.

It could get really bad, but I feel like I could make an album about something so dumb and nobody would really understand it. I just feel like a female version of R.Kelly, really. The “Trapped in the Closet” kind of vibe: “Is he a genius or an idiot?” No one knows. That’s what people think about me right now, and that’s what I’m enjoying.

It’s stupid that people listen to me saying things that don’t make sense — like if you listen to my lyrics, they don’t make sense but people look into them and say, “Oh, she’s so political.” I’m the least political person in the world. It’s fucking hysterical. People think that I’m really pro-feminism and all of that stuff. But literally, I’m an awful person. I’m a horrible, horrible person, but people think I’m amazing, so it’s great.