The Nostalgic, Vibrant World of Advertising Mascots

These colorful creations are absolute eye candy — and, as the author told us, the mascots are fascinating to study “because they lie at the intersection of business, design, and the modern mythology of pop culture.” Meet Bob’s Big Boy — repping the Southern California-born restaurant chain where David Lynch used to guzzle coffee and draft his ideas — Goofy Grape, and familiar faces like Cap’n Crunch and Elsie the Cow. Dotz told us: “The most curious, offbeat and interesting characters happen to be the ones that were not bankrolled by major corporations. They were less ‘filtered’ or ‘focus-grouped,’ but are definitely the overwhelming favorites of the pop culture enthusiasts and graphic designers who buy the books.” In other words, don’t be surprised at the morbid undertones behind “Chokey the Smog Dog.”

Mr. Product and Meet Mr. Product are fantastic sources of artistic inspiration and nostalgic pop culture encyclopedias of the images and ads that stay with us through a lifetime.

Meet Mr. Product  Copyright © Warren Dotz 2015
Meet Mr. Product Copyright © Warren Dotz 2015

“Air freshener superhero and suit-wearing, living padlock are great examples of anthropomorphized product art.”