50 Films That Capture the Dark Side of New York City


Sex Wish
Directed by Victor Milt (as Tim McCoy), 1976

Behind a pretty nondescript title, Sex Wish is a well-made, nasty, vicious hardcore roughie which would play just as well at drive-ins and grindhouses without the hardcore sex. The script is solid, with good characterization and dialogue for even supporting characters, the New York City location footage is great and every performance is a good one. . . . This film also includes one of [Deep Throat star] Harry Reems’ best performances; where he was usually over-the-top in comic roles, SEX WISH finds him as the hero who must avenge his fiancée’s murder by cruising the city tracking down the villain. Sure, it’s a little far-fetched that the night of the murder, he would get drunk and go home with hookers Deanna Darby and Tony Rome (a black girl, rare in these films), but it allows for a pretty erotic threesome scene.

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