12 Horror Icons Reading Scary Stories You Can Listen to Right Now

Sissy Spacek reads Carrie

We recently made a case for Stephen King’s novel Carrie as being stranger and more radical than you probably remember. “The book features a female protagonist (and largely concerns female characters) — an unusual move for a male genre-fiction novelist scrambling to sell his first book, and one that King wouldn’t repeat until Firestarter,” writes our own Tom Hawking. “It’s structured as an epistolary novel, an idea that King would never really use again, and its constantly shifting point of view tends to disorient the reader.” But Brian De Palma’s 1976 film adaptation certainly holds its own, with a hysterical performance from Piper Laurie as Carrie’s religious zealot of a mother and then 20-something Sissy Spacek as the tortured high school student who unleashes her telekinetic powers on her bullying classmates. Here, Spacek relives her role for an audiobook performance of King’s blood-soaked tale.