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Still from "In Jackson Heights"

In Jackson Heights

Release Date: November 4
Director: Frederick Wiseman

Astonishingly diverse and admirably community-minded, Jackson Heights, Queens is a quintessential New York neighborhood — at a time when such a thing is becoming distressingly rare. That’s one of the quiet recurring themes of this portrait from legendary documentarian Wiseman (Titicut Follies), but, as is typical of his style, Wiseman is less interested in agenda than observation. His camera catches everything from big events and community meetings to casual conversations, and he lets those encounters run long; he’s not looking for sound bites, but stories, granting his subjects both his forum and his patience, and in doing so, he gives them agency. It’s a long movie (190 minutes), and without a clean narrative arc, one could argue it could be about half as long. But it’s more accurate to say it could be about twice as long.