Julianne Moore Will Do Something Understated For 25¢: Links You Need to See

Times Square is more commonly viewed as the “crossroads of the world,” but Billy Eichner thinks a more apt description is “The place where random people come and dress up as cartoon characters to try to get tourists and families to take photos with them for a little bit of tip money.”  To combat it, he dragged Academy Award winning actress Julianne Moore around Times Square to ask people for money in exchange for reenacting a scene from her filmography. 25¢ will fetch you “something understated”; $1 to $2 will grant you this expletive-laden pharmacy scene; and getting lost in translation will cause her to cry.

The winner of Literary Reader’s 2015 award for “Bad Sex in Fiction” was just announced an hour or so ago, but the cringe-worthy awkwardness of the shortlist persists, particularly when one recites the passages out loud. Watch the staff of Maxim scowl and wince as they read through the nominees while a sax-ual groove plays in the background.

In tonight’s episode of ABC’s Muppets (which actually aired yesterday in Canada), there will be a drum-off between Animal, a muppet, and Dave Grohl, an equally animated human. The Foo Fighters frontman and former Nirvana drummer has apparently been waiting years for this battle, and all ready for the cymbal-assisted trash talk: “Oh, what’s that? A bell? Time for school!”

Ms. Lauryn Hill was supposed to headline her first concert in Nigeria back in May, but had to cancel due to a flight mix-up with the promoter. Her subsequent musical apology included a promise that she would reschedule her visit. This past August, she made good on her promise, and Okayafrica TV was there to document Ms. Hill trip to Lagos, as well as her and her 20-person band, live in concert.