15 Worthwhile Books You Might Have Missed in 2015


Uncovered, Leah Lax, (She Writes Press)

In this moment of ascendance for politics of  identity, here is a memoir whose protagonist crosses back and forth across seemingly impermeable boundaries of self-definition. Teenage Leah Lax , reeling from family instability, willingly enters the ultra-Othodox world. Decades later, an obedient wife and mother, Lax finds that enrolling in writing classes and learning to question accepted wisdom has led her to another realization. She was gay and she wants out. First she became “a Hasidic mother escaping to her lesbian lover.” Later, she is an artist and feminist, living a new life. Dealing with abortion, LGBT identity, and Hasidic life, this story is too complex to fit neatly into the “ex-Hasidic memoir craze” — but that makes it all the richer. — SS