Bizarre Hollywood Murder Cases


Susan Cabot

A regular star in B movies during the 1950s, Susan Cabot, who once dated Jordan’s King Hussein, was beaten to death by her 22-year-old son, Timothy Scott Roman, in 1986. Roman, who suffered from complications due to dwarfism, used a weightlifting bar in the crime. He was charged, but claimed mental and physical abuse, after which he received a three-year suspended sentence and was placed on probation. A report from the Los Angeles Times detailed the bizarre case:

Extensive court documents made available last week and an interview with the attorney Saturday revealed that, by focusing on Roman’s mother’s fragile mental condition, her unkempt home and her authorization of controversial drugs for her son, the defense intends to show that she may have contributed to her own death.

Defense attorney Chester Leo Smith argued in documents that Roman is an emotional wreck as a result of an overprotective, disturbed mother and a severe growth deficiency that has made him dependent on strong medications with dangerous side effects.

“Mr. Roman is probably, really, an experiment of the human race,” Smith said Wednesday at the courtroom hearing.