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Release Date: February 12
Director: Gerard Barrett
Cast: Jack Reynor, Toni Colette, Will Poulter

You’ve seen stories of substance abuse and its effects on a family, but rarely one as deeply unsentimental and candid as this one. Reynor plays John, a taxi driver who spends much of his free time caring for his hard-drinking, self-destructive mother (Colette); writer/director Barrett enters at a point where John’s basically resigned himself to the fact that he may not be able to “save” her, and spends quite a lot of the story merely observing their interactions and tricky dynamics. Colette is terrific – she’s got a long, searching centerpiece monologue about his father, his brother, and what drove her to drink, and it’s some of the most powerful and honest work she’s ever done – but this is Reynor’s show, and he is a face to watch. The thickness of the accents makes it a bit hard to follow at times, but that complaint aside, this is a modest yet thundering piece of work.