The Best Witch Cinema You Haven’t Seen

Hold revels with the Devil.


The Reincarnation of Isabel (1973)

“Vampires need blood uncontaminated by human semen.” The Reincarnation of Isabel is Euro horror sleaze at its finest.

From Slant:

Ultimately, what we’re faced with is yet another Italian gothic horror extravaganza about the infringement on the present by the blood-spattered past. In this, as well as in its narrative confusion between witchcraft and vampirism, Polselli’s film hearkens back to Mario Bava’s vastly superior Black Sunday, which singlehandedly established the template for this sort of genre fare. Polselli’s contribution, if indeed it can be called that, consists in his resolutely overblown visual anti-style, trendy early-‘70s trappings, and unhesitating embrace of gratuitously ubiquitous nudity. If this sounds like your sanguineous cup of tea, then, by all means, take the man’s advice: Don’t try to understand it. Just let the spectacle wash over you.