30 Occult Rituals From Music Videos — Some Feminist, Some Mysterious, Some Stupid

A list of videos that've imagined occult rituals to match their music — to ends beautiful, haunting, and occasionally utterly ridiculous.

Radiohead — “Burn the Witch”

Radiohead’s recent video applies the aesthetic of the British claymation kids’ series Trumpton to the story of The Wicker Man; the video, in which a police inspector comes into a town to investigate potentially occult oddities, only to find out that he’s actually been invited into the town to be the part of a ritual sacrifice, seems particularly pointed towards Brexit era England, and at the fallacies of nationalist ideas of British culture. In the quaint, friendly, old-world-normative British habitat in which these characters live (as opposed to the more outwardly eccentric, free-loving, celtic/Pagan-God worshipping island community of The Wicker Man), there’s a brewing, vicious desire to burn the outsider at the stake (or, you know, within a large wicker man-shaped cage). Similar to the film, the detective is given hints that it’s a young woman who’s to be sacrificed — and even observes a scene where (and here comes the first ritual) men sporting deer-skulls dance in circles with swords around a bound young woman. The other ritual, of course, is the murder of the detective inside the man made of the most unpleasant material for chairs.