30 Occult Rituals From Music Videos — Some Feminist, Some Mysterious, Some Stupid

A list of videos that've imagined occult rituals to match their music — to ends beautiful, haunting, and occasionally utterly ridiculous.

Lykke Li — “Get Some”

Lykke Li’s “Get Some”‘s syllabically clunky lyrics “I’m your prostitute/ You gon’ get some” made the alt-pop single a strange and somewhat leaden listen. (“I Follow Rivers” was definitely Wounded Rhymes better single). But its video is paired with more fluid found imagery, of assorted voodoo rituals; Li said that she based the song on the mental power-play in Murakami’s The Wind Up Bird Chronicle, and particularly the character Creta Kano — a “prostitute of the mind,” who mentally controls men’s fantasies. The video, similarly, sees Li engaging in a ritual (well, performing her song in a fanged bikini, then concocting a potion within a triangle of candles, in front of a backdrop of footage of old Hollywood exoticized tribalist notions of ritual) that’s clearly its own version of exerting spiritual control.