30 Occult Rituals From Music Videos — Some Feminist, Some Mysterious, Some Stupid

A list of videos that've imagined occult rituals to match their music — to ends beautiful, haunting, and occasionally utterly ridiculous.

fka Twigs — “Glass and Patron”

In “Glass and Patron,” fka Twigs (who directed the video, as part of the film for her EP, M3LL155X) equates the power of voguing with a sort of witchery: deep in a fogged woods, where you’d expect to encounter, well, the central witch in The Witch, we’re instead shown a runway, on which Tahlia Barnett (Twigs) and a series of voguing masters (whose dance style inspired the whole EP) bedazzled in ornate futurist garb, engage in the ritual of self-presentation — which had of course been used by another pop-star with far less veneration to the form and the people who pioneered it. The video sees the powers of the ballroom-born dance manifested in comparison to the other mysterious forces one may find in portraits of the alluring, daunting mysteries of the woods.