Flavorwire’s Guide to Indie Movies You Need to See in September

A packed - and we mean PACKED - look at this month's indies and docs of note.

Among the Believers

Release Date: September 30
Directors: Mohammed Naqvi, Hemal Trivedi
Cast: Documentary

“They’re really malleable at this age,” explains the dean of a branch of the Red Mosque madrassa network, a heavily influential group of Pakistani schools who pride themselves on educating and preparing the next generation of Taliban. Those schools – and the hatemongers and hustlers who run them – are the subject of this chilling documentary, which takes an unflinching look at the Red Mosques (initially financed by the U.S., of course) and their horrifying actions of social vigilantism, culminating in the brutal Peshawar school attack. Hints of hope are present in educators and activists who push back, but one can’t help but feel doom in the face of fundamentalists who insist, “If you disagree with us, arrest us, shoot us. But if you think you can change us, forget it.”