The Year in Film: 2016’s Best Movie Moments

Let’s take a moment to recognize the big scenes and little touches that made this year's movies special.

Everybody Wants Some!!: “Rapper’s Delight”

Not much is happening, plot-wise, in this scene early in Richard Linklater’s rowdy recollection of his days as a college softball player in the early ‘80s (a movie that, now that I’ve put them next to each other, would make a fine double-feature with Sing Street). But this isn’t exactly a plot-heavy movie anyway; it’s a hang-out flick, and works that vibe best here, as the upperclassmen take new kid Jake (Blake Jenner) out for a drive, and the Sugarhill Gang’s 1979 hit comes on the radio. They pipe in to rap along, taking turns and handing off, and Linklater stays with them for a good long while (not the full 14:35 of the album version, but still). Some films would just give us the first few lines. This one just lets it go, mostly because it just seems to enjoy them enjoying the song so much.