The Year in Music: The 10 Best Albums of 2016

In a world where certainty seems to have disappeared, music is more vital than ever.

Gonjasufi — Callus

More chaotic still: this wonderful, strange, disorienting piece of work from the ever-fascinating Gonjasufi. The title suggests the idea of being worn down and yet toughened, developing a thicker skin. The experience of listening to this record somehow evokes the same feeling, albeit in a manner that’s entirely impressionistic: most of the time, it’s hard to understand what Sumach Ecks is singing about, but the feelings he’s evoking come through loud and clear. He described this album as an attempt to embrace pain and hatred: “The challenge becomes continually embracing the suffering of others around me and taking on their ignorance for them… We have to put an end to this hate. It starts at home, within each and every one of us!” Which, honestly, makes it the perfect document of a year that’s left us all callused. And scarred.