A Visual Diary of Cinema’s Most Colorful Films

Did you know it's National Color Therapy Month? Neither did we, but it makes for an excellent reason to revisit some of cinema's most spectacular moments.


From the New York Times:

Red was the first color Mr. Zhang [director Zhang Yimou] chose, which presented Mr. Doyle [cinematographer Christopher Doyle] with an immediate problem: in his work with Hong Kong directors like Wong Kar-wai, Mr. Doyle had made a conscious effort not to use the color. ‘Up until ‘In the Mood for Love,’ ‘ he says, ‘we avoided red at all costs. I think I’ve probably said on at least 25 films, ‘No red,’ because it has too many associations in Asia.’ Then he had to find a way to produce images that would match the unusual red of the hand-dyed costumes. To do this he decided to switch from Fuji, the film brand used for most of the film, to Kodak. ‘The red is a Kodak red,’ he said. ‘It’s a much more saturated solid red.’