Flavorwire’s Guide to Indie Movies You Need to See in May

Our reviews of this month's best flicks, including "The Lovers," "Burden," and "Hounds of Love."

Take Me

CAST: Taylor Schilling, Pat Healy, Alycia Delmore, Jim O’Heir

When the honey-voiced client (Schilling) calls Kidnap Solutions LLC proprietor Ray Moody (Healy) offering big money for her “simulated experience of a high-stakes abduction,” she makes one additional request: “During the simulation, I’d like for you to slap me.” That moment is the first indication that director Healy (working from a script by Mike Makowsky) is going beyond what initially seems a mainstream, high-concept comedy plotline, and into somewhat darker territory. So he delicately leans into the sexual subtext of their subsequent interactions, and plays on the uncertainty of role-playing in general – and then the whole thing goes sideways. Schilling is electrifying as the button-down businesswoman who may not be what she seems, while Healy resists the urge to make him, or play him as, a sly anti-hero. He’s just a small, not too bright guy, and boy does he make a mess of this thing.