10 Great Movies to Stream This Memorial Day Weekend

'Southside With You,' 'Hello, My Name Is Doris,' 'LoveTrue,' and more new (or new-ish) additions to Netflix, Prime, and FilmStruck.

Enemy of the State (Netflix)

Everybody’s all in a tizzy over the long-delayed and frankly unwelcome sequel to Tony Scott’s 1986 smash Top Gun, but I gotta tell you, if they were going to sequel-ize one of the late Mr. Scott’s movies, I’d frankly rather go back to this wildly undervalued 1998 conspiracy thriller, which (at risk of sounding too Stefon) has everything: Will Smith at Peak Charming, Jon Voight villaining, the lovely Lisa Bonet, and a “hang on, is that?” cast of coming-up supporting players that includes Jack Black, Anna Gunn, Jason Lee, Barry Pepper, and Scott Caan. Oh, and it’s also got Gene Hackman doing an unofficial sequel to The Conversation. So, yeah, if you somehow haven’t, get on that.