8 Must-See Movies at This Year’s BAMcinemaFest

'A Ghost Story,' 'Where is Kyra?' 'The Work,' and more can't-miss flicks from Brooklyn's best film fest.

Whose Streets?

The camera holds on the face of Lezley McSpadden when the district attorney announces a grand jury will not indict Officer Darren Wilson, as her mask of strength folds into one of pain and disbelief. The horror of the moment is unimaginable, but understandable – her son was Michael Brown Jr., the unarmed black teen shot to death in the streets of Ferguson, Missouri. Those streets became a focal point for a nationwide movement of protest in the days and weeks after, and Sabaah Folayan and Damon Davis’s sharp, thought-provoking documentary captures some of the immediacy and intensity of that period, as activists work out the tactics and strategies of their action, while police seem hell-bent on mirroring the troubling optics of earlier civil rights movements (German Shepherds? Really?), and news networks tell the version of the story that allows them to sit in comfortable judgment. This is a powerful, important film that lets no one off the hook – not even the African-American president, whose high-minded talk of “rule of law” is illustrated by images of cops and guardsmen gassing and terrorizing peaceful protestors. Rule of law, indeed.