Your GIF Reactions to Events in the ‘Twin Peaks’ Revival

When you think about Agent Cooper’s evil doppelgänger.

What Cooper is saying to himself about Dougie.

What you’re sometimes thinking about Dougie while anxiously waiting for Coop to come back, even though you know Kyle MacLachlan’s performance is brilliant.

Whenever the Black Lodge/Red Room appears, even though you’re scared af.

When you try to figure out what “The cow jumped over the moon” means.

When you find out who the band is at the end of every episode.

When you’re an OG fan explaining the show’s mythology to someone.

When you see the Log Lady.

When you’re watching Dr. Jacoby do his thing.

When you see Laura Palmer again.

When naggy Janey-E Jones puts gangsters in their place.

What you want to do to that jerkface at the Bang Bang Bar who is dating Amanda Seyfried’s Becky Burnett.

When it’s Sunday, and a new episode is airing.