25 Andy Warhol Diary Entries That Capture Memorable Moments in Pop Culture

“Gee, I’m looking at MTV right now and they use my paintings in a lot in videos.” 7/11/84

“Cabbed to see Blade Runner. The movie was dark. I don’t know if it’s really abstract or really simple.” 6/27/82

“Danny DeVito is so cute, we should all marry him, really. He’s just adorable.” 6/25/86

“Jack Nicholson came, he’s in London doing The Shining, and I guess we forgot to invite Shelley Duvall.” 6/21/78

“We went into Sean’s bedroom — and there was a kid there setting up the Apple computer that Sean had gotten as a present, the Macintosh model. I said that once some man had been calling me a lot wanting to give me one, but that I’d never called him back or something, and then the kid looked up and said, “Yeah, that was me. I’m Steve Jobs.” 1984