10 of Classic Hollywood’s Most Charming Friendships

Bette Davis and Claude Rains

Crawford’s noted sparring partner Davis first shared the screen with Casablanca co-star Rains in William Dieterle’s 1939 historical drama Juarez; it was at a fraught moment in her life, just after her divorce from Harmon Nelson, which put her in a state of near-nervous breakdown that resulted in a severe case of pleurisy. But she was so taken with Rains’ friendship and support that they remained close after the film’s release, reteaming three years later for Now, Voyager, and again for Mr. Skeffington in 1944 and Deception in 1946. But they weren’t just frequent co-stars; during Davis’s tumultuous five-year marriage to William Grant Sherry in the late 1940s, the quiet farm home Rains shared with his family in West Bradford Township, Pennsylvania became her safe haven. Thought Deception was their last on-screen teaming, Rains and Davis remained close for the remaining 21 years of his life.