The Best and Worst of Last Night’s ‘SNL’ with Chance the Rapper

Chance was up for whatever.

The Best

“Come Back, Barack”

Missing Barack, Boyz II Men-style.

“Rap History”

When your “history of rap” sketch is made by actual rappers.

“Sports Announcer”

White people like hockey.

“Career Day”

The best part is tension between passive-aggressive mom and teacher, tbh.

“Weekend Update”

Staten Island hates Pete Davidson. Like, a lot.

The Worst

“WikiLeaks Cold Open”

Kate McKinnon with a beard, and I dunno.

“Chance-giving Monologue”

Points for enthusiasm.

“Porn Pizza Delivery”

Who wears short shorts? Chance wears short shorts.

“Family Feud: Harvey Family Thanksgiving”

Steve has a son.

“Wayne Thanksgiving”

Batman is an asshole.

Musical Guest: Eminem