Haunting Digital Collages Inspired by Ancient Objects in the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Archives

Jim Kazanjian's new series of digital collages are stirred by the haunting sense of history imbued within each object.

We’ve been obsessing over artist Jim Kazanjian’s dreamy, decaying architecture for some time. The artist — who you probably know from his stunning Lovecraftian digital collages featuring surreal houses — just shared a new body of work with Flavorwire that uses images sourced from the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s online archive. Kazanjian’s new series of digital collages are inspired by the haunting sense of history imbued within each object — a clay tablet from 4000 BC or a ceramic figurine from 300 AD that no longer exists, but has been recomposed to wander throughout Kazanjian’s strange new world. If the old collages recalled the ill-omened houses in dark literary fiction, Kazanjian’s new work has an elemental grandeur befitting of each object’s ancient beauty. It’s easy to imagine one of these bizarre creations as a star in the films of Guillermo del Toro, but Kazanjian’s beings belong to his own universe, where fantastic houses and gilded creatures dwell.

©Jim Kazanjian, published with permission