The Best and Worst of Last Night’s ‘SNL’ with James Franco

SZA joins James Franco for an early holiday celebration.

The Best

“Visit with Santa Cold Open

Kate McKinnon’s #wokeelf is just over it.


Scrudge (Beck Bennett) spreads his misery at your friend’s Christmas party.

“Christmas Charity”

A woman gets into the holiday spirit by helping a homeless man, otherwise known as James Franco.


So glad I learned a slang word for pizza that I will never use.

“Spelling Bee”

Spelling Bee . . . therapy session . . . it’s all the same.

“Sexual Harassment Charlie”

Further proof that old people get away with everything.

“Gift Wrap”

I’m dreaming of a red Christmas.

“Weekend Update”

Michael Che shares his experiences as a white woman named Gretchen.

The Worst

“James Franco Audience Questions Monologue”

I guess I learned how to properly pronounce SZA’s name? (Hi, Steve Martin!)


Cousin Mandy is really worried about James’ career — and I’m really worried about this episode overall.

Musical Guest: SZA