The Best and Worst of Last Night’s ‘SNL’ with Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman shows support for the #MeToo movement on last night's 'SNL.'

The Best

“Fox & Friends Cold Open”

The Orange One is most definitely hangin’ in the Lincoln bedroom tweeting with an Egg McMuffin on his chest.

“Natalie Portman Announcer Monologue”

Sorry Natalie, but Leslie hijacked that monologue: “Why do they always make these tiny white actresses do stand-up comedy?”

“Revolutionary War”

Old-timey Super Bowl-esque shenanigans. Thank you, universe, for Tina Fey.

“Stranger Things 3”

“I do a really great Borat impression, but I go into a coma for two days.”

“Natalie’s 2nd Rap”

Ok, fine, not as great as the first one, but Padmé Amidala represent.

“Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards Orange Carpet”

When the Nickelodeon host sounds like The Exorcist

“First Lady”

Portman trots out her best former First Lady accent. Kate McKinnon’s Hillary Clinton never stops being funny.

“Weekend Update”

Catherine Deneuve tries to calm Brigitte Bardot who is ready to “double down” on her controversial #MeToo stance.

The Worst

“Alien Lover”

I’m sure Beck Bennett is thrilled by the Natalie Portman-to-Bennett-butt proximity, but ewww.


Hot damn, we miss you when you’re not around Aidy Bryant, ye who brings life to a pretty dud sketch like this.

Musical Guest: Dua Lipa