10 Must-See Movies at This Year’s New York Film Festival

Our mini-reviews of 'Her Smell,' 'The Other Side of the Wind,' 'Wildlife,' and more of this year's NYFF slate.

They’ll Love Me When I’m Dead

Morgan Neville’s new documentary focuses on the making and aftermath of Other Side of the Wind, and its side-by-side appearance on the festival circuit (and, in November, on Netflix) is wise; it fills in the gaps that might leave casual viewers of the Welles film baffled. But Neville (Oscar winner for 20 Feet from Stardom) is no slouch, and this isn’t just a special feature — it’s a portrait of a hustler/genius, a celebration of his work, and a valentine to Gary Graver, the cinematographer whose dedication and perseverance kept the project going for all those years. Playfully edited with clips from the entire Welles oeuvre, and loaded up with great outtakes and archival interviews (including one, with a French reporter, that Welles conducts entirely in her native tongue), They’ll Love Me is, in many ways, more purely enjoyable than its subject.