10 Must-See Movies at This Year’s New York Film Festival

Our mini-reviews of 'Her Smell,' 'The Other Side of the Wind,' 'Wildlife,' and more of this year's NYFF slate.

Her Smell

Alex Ross Perry’s latest is a magnificently visceral portrait of a Courtney Love-ish riot grrrl (Elisabeth Moss, murdering) on the down slope of a tempestuous career, who has to get clean and get her life together for the sake of her young daughter. What sounds like every damn music and addiction redemption story ever is rendered fresh and bloody by the immediacy of Moss’s playing and Perry’s execution; it’s a story told in just a handful of scenes, in which her on- and off-stage meltdowns and tantrums are allowed to play out roughly in real time, offering no escape hatch for the viewer. The result is one of the most convincing portraits I’ve seen of a person out of control — and of the way an entire support system is built around celebrities, to keep them from ever knowing how impossible they’ve become.