11 Movies To See From This Year’s Tallgrass Film Festival

Our capsule reviews of 'This is Love,' 'Bikini Moon,' 'Silver Lake,' and more.

(Tallgrass Film Festival)

Daughters of the Sexual Revolution: The Untold Story of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders

Dana Adam Shapiro (Murderball) directs this fascinating and nuanced portrait of that period in the 1970s and 1980s when the scantily-clad cheerleading squad for “America’s Team” fully penetrated popular culture, and what, exactly, that meant. Grappling with the contradictions of their image (as author Mary Evans notes, they were “Bible Belt good girls, but they were also selling sex”) and contextualizing them within the era of women’s liberation, Daughters asks potent questions of feminism and anti-feminism (and the kind of sexual freedoms that became a point of controversy between first and second saves), as well as exploitation. Shapiro lets alums and observers tell the story, moving fast (it runs a tight 75 minutes) and keeping it personal, resulting in a thoughtful film about what seems a fluffy subject.