’90s Nickelodeon Stars: Where Are They Now?

Hey Dude, 1989-1991

Where can we find the ensemble cast of teens who populated the Bar None dude ranch 20 years ago? (Oh my God, shoot us. We are so old.) Some are still boldface names: Christine Taylor, then known as Melody, kept acting, grew up, and married Ben Stiller. They have two kids. In the past several years appeared mainly in his projects, including Tropic Thunder, Zoolander, and Dodgeball. Then there’s David Lascher, a.k.a. Ted. Post-Hey Dude, he played the boyfriend on every teen TV series from Blossom to Sabrina. He’s been married to his second wife since 1999, and the couple has two kids. Lascher still acts in films, albeit ones we admit we haven’t heard of.

But what about Lucy (Debrah Kalman), who seemed to fall off the face of the earth since the show ended? Apparently, according to a Wikipedia stub seemingly created by the actress or a rep, she did some film acting for a few years after Hey Dude and is still modeling and acting. She has two kids and two stepkids and lives in Florida. She and Kelly Brown, who played the only girl we’ve ever heard of named Brad, are still buds. Joe Torres, who co-starred as token Native American Danny Lightfoot, apparently appeared in the 2000 electronic music film Groove (a piece of trivia Wikipedia states but IMDb doesn’t confirm). There was an internet rumor that he had died of kidney failure, but TopCultured learned that he’s alive, well, and working in New Jersey as a car salesman. The site also reminds us that Jonathan Galkin, who was part of the cast for about half of the show’s run, grew up to co-found DFA Records. How relevant! As for Josh Tygiel, who played Buddy… no one seems to have heard from him since Hey Dude bit it.

Know who still does have an acting career, though? David Brisbin, who played Mr. Ernst. He’s spent the past two decades doing character work on TV shows ranging from ER to Melrose Place to NYPD Blue, as well as in such films as Erin Brockovich. Brisbin is married to the actress Laura Innes (also of ER) fame, and the couple has two kids,  including a daughter they adopted from China. Way to go, Mr. E!