’90s Nickelodeon Stars: Where Are They Now?

The Secret World of Alex Mack, 1994-1998

One of the last great SNICK shows, Alex Mack was about a girl who gets covered in a mysterious chemical goo that gives her special powers. (Isn’t pollution fun?) She can move objects with her mind, electrocute people with her fingers, and melt into a silver puddle to fit in tight spaces. The only catch is, when she has feelings, she turns yellow, which is pretty much every teenager’s nightmare.

When we talk about Alex Mack, we’re really talking about Larisa Oleynick, who played the title role. So WTF happened to her? For a while in the late ’90s, she was everywhere. Remember her in The Baby-sitters Club and 10 Things I Hate About You? Remember her on Boy Meets World and as Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s girlfriend on 3rd Rock from the Sun? Post-millennium, she’s been in a slew of smaller movies and popped up on TV from time to time. In 2004, she graduated from Sarah Lawrence College. And according to a semi-active fan site, Oleynick performed work by the author Marisa Silver at New York’s Soho House last month.